Military and Veteran Charities

The Military Financial Directory has your best interest at heart when recommending charitable programs for military service members and U.S. military veterans. We do not have any partnerships with these charities and only want to recommend those charities that do their best to help those who have fought for our nation. We are very conscious about linking only to charities which have a clear path for servicemembers and their families to apply for and receive support and, where possible, we have linked directly to the application pages. We do not link merely to "fundraising organizations".

The categories in our directory are to steer military members, veterans, and loved ones to the military and veteran charities they need to find, depending on factors like branch of service or particular need. There are charities for current and former Marines and members of the Navy (like the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society), Air Force pilots (such as AWCF), and general military veteran charities, (VFW, America's Fund, etc.).

We also recommend charities that help our veterans afford new housing or provide housing for military family members who need to be near loved ones. Fisher House provides housing for military families who need to be near injured loved ones undergoing medical treatment. Another charity we highly recommend is Homes for Our Troops. Their mission statement is to "build mortgage-free, specially adapted homes nationwide for severely injured Veterans post-9/11, to enable them to rebuild their lives," and they deliver beyond all expectations.

The list of charities we can recommend here is much too long to do so. We can barely touch the surface on a subpage like this, which is why all of the charity links in our directory have a short (often too short) description of what they do. The ones above are the ones we have the most experience with and sincerely trust - many of them have been recommended by active members of the Military Forum - though all of the charities we will direct you to are trusted entities that have genuine desire to help our troops and veterans. To see a full list of our recommended charities, please see the first category of The Military Financial Directory.