Do I qualify for active duty military financial services?

If you are an active duty member of the armed forces, you qualify for special financial services including loans at extremely low rates, and even financing with no credit check. But there is often confusion over what "active duty" means.

Active duty typically means that you are a member of the armed forces and carry out daily work at your station; you typically live on base and are expected to carry out your duties as a service member on a regular basis. The active duty qualification does not include military reservists, veterans, those otherwise discharged from military service, or military family members.

You do not necessarily have to be deployed or living on base to be considered active duty; many active duty service members commute to their station from home or travel in their current capacity as an active member of the armed forces. For active duty financial services, you are only required to prove your current military status, not that you live on a military base.

Most service members can readily answer when asked whether they are currently active duty service members. But if you are unsure of either your current military rank or duty status, or if you happen to fall into a less-than-obvious gray area, finding out your current military status is as simple as seeing when your Expiration Term of Service (ETS) is on your LES (details in the sidebar). If your active duty Term of Service hasn't come up yet, you are still active duty. If you are unable to locate your LES, you can find out your current status by asking your current commanding officer.

Note: If you are a reservist, veteran, were discharged from the military (honorably or dishonorably), or are a military family member (regardless of whether your relation is currently active duty), do not attempt to apply for active duty military financial services. Financial institutions that have active duty military financial programs typically run your information against databases that check your status. There are other services for non-active military members, veterans, and military families, which you can browse on The Military Financial Directory.